Time to fly

Ok, so it's been a while and probably no one reads this or will see this. But, I'm going to use it as my journal. I've been creating the idea in my head for a while of building shoezanium.com. I am going to push for this year to make it happen. I am committing to 5 hours a week of building it.

So, what kind of a shoe site could be valuable? 1. Add value by brining up the best / low-cost place for people to buy each type of shoe. Amy bought some shoes last year that were $100 and if she had looked around she could have saved more than $20 dollars for the same exact shoe online with the same shipping (FREE) .

So, I am building it out. I am mapping out my plan. I have 1 year and a half to get things rolling.

Also at this time I'm investing in stocks and options to grow my Nest egg and income. The options plays I have done the most are with MSFT, NFLX, FB, and AAPL. They fluctuate and adjust with big swings. So it's good for options. Although the options cost a bit to get into. they also have a higher reward.  Options investing is not for the faint of heart. It's really risky and you can just as easily lose it all.

Any ideas or thoughts, drop me a line or comment below.

I've been watching this video or listening to it every day.


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