7 Reasons Why I Love Halloween

7 Reasons Why I Love Halloween
1. Dressing up in costumes -- There is something so fun and exciting about dressing up and pretending you are something  or someone else. Sometimes it is something you wish you could be in real life like a super hero; other times you dress up as things that you are scared of like a zombie or vampire. Sometimes you dress up as fantasy characters that could never exist in real life. No matter what it's a little bit of an escape from the normal day to day. Mild-mannered reporter Clark Kent becomes Superman. Mild-mannered Jeff Allen becomes Wolverine from the X-Men. 

My favorite halloween event occured in Issaquah when I was waiting at the Park & Ride to take the bus into Seattle. This was also the first year out of college for me and I found out that most people don't dress up for Halloween when they go to work. I arrived in my little commuter car, parked, and made my way to queue up for the #214 bus. I had on my black jacket with a silver X on the chest, black pants with a silver X on the pockets, my hair sprayed high and wild in Wolverine style, and the Adamantium claws to complete the uniform. I feel like I blend in most of the time; people don't typically take notice of me. So, when I am able to get the attention of almost everyone for good or bad, I enjoy it. I love the double take and the triple take as my fellow commuters line up or pass me by. 

2. Eating a lot of Candy and treats - I love candy and sugar and chocolate and baked goods! Halloween is a great excuse to eat as much of it as possible in a short amount of time. It's nice because it doesn't drag on like the holiday season between Thanksgiving and Christmas. It's usually one or 2 days if you have a off-Halloween party to go to. Candy readily available at the store. Having kids that trick-or-treat I can steal their candy, and of course buying a bunch of treats to give away even though I know we won't have people visiting our house. 
As a kid I would eat all of my candy on Halloween. when I was really young I couldn't hold it. As I got older I still ate it all at once, but was much better at keeping it down. Sugar Power Up! Sugar Crash! Every holiday picture from 1-8 years old I just had chocolate all over my face and clothes. Now that I'm older I use a napkin. 

3. Trick or treating - It's so fun to show off your costume and collect candy from your neighbors! You can scout out the "Rich" neighborhoods. We loved trick-or-treating by my grandma's house becuase there were a couple houses who gave out "FULL SIZE SNICKERS!" That was Amazing! 

4. Games and Parties - Favorite Halloween party games: Bobbing for apples, Donuts on a string, Cake walk, Cupcake wars! Costume contests, costume parades, and singing and dancing! 

5. Fall weather - I love the leaves changing colors, the temperature dropping, and crisp mornings. I like getting out my sweaters and jackets, hats and gloves as fall sets in. Except the Halloween where it rains or snows, forget that........

6. Fall Themes - I like to see Corn mazes, bundles of grain (Gluten Free), Fall leaves, pumpkins, corn, and harvest! I love seeing what the kids bring home from school craft days. Reds, Yellows and Oranges. 

7. Skeletons, Witches, Jack-o-Lanterns, and Spiders - Halloween is a great time to celebrate the magical world of Witches and Wizards. Skeletons who can dance and sing and long for more than just terrifying children. The scary and frightening get this one day a year to be celebrated and encouraged. Draw a snake or a spider in black and purple and green. Tell scary stories and drink a cup of hot apple cider. Carve a pumpkin with a spooky grin and a flickering flame to complete the face. 

What's your favorite part of Halloween? 


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