What is your motivation?

I watched a great TED talk about Motivation. It impacted me in an interesting way. I've been working on ShoeZanium.com for over a year now, while at the same time I have my "real" job that pays me money. My desire with ShoeZanium is that it would one day transition past the side gig and allow me to work it full-time. My "Motivation" I kept telling myself is to have more money. But, that isn't getting the job done, because here I am a year and a half later and it still isn't doing anything. Or rather, it still isn't making me money, I'm not even marketing it really. Not more than a couple of promotions to try to get subscribers.

The TED talk  "Dan Pink: The puzzle of motivation" (seen here). http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rrkrvAUbU9Y Relayed the idea that money is not the motivator for creative and innovative thinking. It doesn't solve problems. Money is a motivator for continually doing the same activity. It works for repetitive tasks. It doesn't work for problem solving and creativity. What do we want? Autonomy, Mastery, Purpose!

This caused me to pause and examine my own motivations for ShoeZanium. There are several motivations that I have:
1. Make a company that I can have more freedom to be there for my family while maintaining or improving our lifestyle
2. Help those who have less with shoes they need (10% in charitable giving)
3. Create jobs

ShoeZanium phases:
1. Shoe Portal Affiliate website that earns commissions by bringing many shoe catalogs together where people can search and compare. They can find deals on shoes that are available around the internet.
2. Introduce Actually selling shoes (maybe drop ship or hold our own inventory)
3. Rival largest online shoe sellers with variety and selection. Deals and Customer Service!

If I change my motivation from being about money to being about building the best Shoe Deals and comparison portal I should have more intrinsic motivation. I've been thinking about this and focusing on this motivation since watching yesterday.

From the Desk of the President of the Moon


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