Getting a move on

Ok, I had a great conversation with my brother-in-law about getting things done. he read a book called the 4-hour manager. i need to read it still but it sounds like a great book. our conversation was about coordinating a business and not having to "do" everything. there are many companies, people, etc. who can do work for you and you can focus on running the business not on packing boxes, shipping things. most people don't know how to tell others what to do and follow through on that. so the first step is practicing delegating and following up to accomplish things through people. others have specialized skills or you have the vision and they want to do things for you for a price. So, i took my first step in delegating something for ShoeZanium. i hired someone to make a logo on i should have something in a few days and i'll display it here and let you see what you think. i also need to buy a template from template monster that i talked about before. and i will pay the extra few bucks to have someone install it for me rather than struggling through it for several hours. i've requested my logo match with the site colors etc. so it should look good.

I also am going to get a shoe catalog from the two affiliate sites that i am connected to and just load it up on my shoezanium site. i will also finish writing and updating my hottest and not-est pages. keep it going keep it going.
If it's to be, it's up to me. Keep moving forward. take the next step.

-President of the moon


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