5 ways to keep up the momentum

When you decide to do something, make a change, or begin a project it can sometimes get daunting. It's very easy to quit a resolution to change because things happen. Life gets in the way of your resolve and often blocks the road to your personal progress. Here are 5 tips to keep up the momentum and not let yourself get blocked.
1. Do a little each day- even if it is just planning something you will do. Take time to think about it and take a small action. The action will keep the project top of mind and you will feel the spark that you originally felt. It will keep you from feeling like you gave up on it by putting it on the back burner for too long.
2. Tell someone about it. - When you put a plan together tell someone about it. This will give you some accountability with the project. I like to talk to my wife about it so she keeps me honest about really making something happen or not. She is very much of a doer and don't stop until something is finished. I tend to get excited about something work on it and then fizzle out when something else that's new or shiny catches my eye. Having her know my plan keeps me pushing forward with it even when there are parts that are boring.
3. Don't wait for perfection. Sometimes we don't want to share until something is perfect because there will be criticism or we know we can do better, so why publish something that is garbage. Well, on the way to perfection there may be a little garbage. Didn't you ever watch Sesame Street where the piano player is "composing" Mary had a little lamb? I love that one, posted here. http://youtu.be/RrJnzBFzEEY . He kept working through it instead of giving it up. Kermit helped, too. so don't beat your head on the piano, just keep going and maybe get some input from a friend.
4.  Take a break from one task. If you are tired of the boring or tedious part of the tasks, take a break and do something else related to the project. Maybe it's time to make a video montage, write up a welcome email, or come up with your strategy for social media. Give yourself a break from the tedious and reward your efforts with the fun part. You will have to go back to the original task eventually, but you will see it with fresh eyes.
5.  Keep a notepad or notebook handy. We all have downtime throughout our day. Sometimes I'll be standing in line at the bank or waiting in my car at the pharmacy. I can pull out my notebook and write down the ideas that are hitting me throughout the day. Since I commute quite a distance I have a long time to think about my projects without a lot of time to write or do things. So, if I take advantage of my time at the stoplights or even take a couple minutes before walking in the door at work or home to jot down what I was planning I will be able to go back and prioritize or put detail around it later.
 By putting these things into practice I will have ShoeZanium launched ASAP.
-President of the Moon.


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