So, I'm trying something new and even more intense diet-wise than I've ever done. I have Ankylosing Spondylitis and with that one recommended thing to help is to not eat starch or have a low-starch diet. I have done that off and on with some success. But, there was always something that kept me from being pain-free. I read a great eBook by Joel Godin that said to give up even more than just starch. I couldn't do that, yet. I tried dropping sugar and candy for a while, but it still was too tough. Then, finally I heard about the Paleo diet.
I started writing this a couple weeks ago. I was very excited to do that diet where I basically cut starch, dairy, and sugar. It works amazingly. I was down to 0-2 advil a day instead of 15. Then I got kidney stones. that threw me off for a few days. The paper that I received from the doctor said that basically I should do opposite of what I was doing to keep Kidney stones from coming back. So, I was in denial, and then mad, and ate whatever and had to take more advil. Well, I've talked myself off the ledge again and will try to eat no starch, no sugar, and no dairy. I will however add back in some things like orange juice or lemonade (not too sugary) in order to combat the kidney stones, plus drink plenty of water.

Give me 3 days and I will be back to 0-2 advil and feeling much better.

So, with that I plan on running 3 marathons this year. I will begin training for the Seattle Rock and Roll marathon which is June 23rd. I'll be running the Rainier to Ruston with my wife and 2 oldest daughters. June 2nd. I'm planning for the Leavenworth Marathon in October, too. I'm excited to get this moving.

I would like to do a 50 miler sometime, too but I need to get back to the Marathon level, first.

Keep a lookout, and we'll get there. Keep moving forward.

-President of the Moon


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