Happy Valentine's Day

Today is Valentine's Day! What a great day! Last night for Family night we all made valentines to give to each other in our family. This morning we had heart-shaped pancakes, heart cookies, heart sandwiches for the kids in their lunches. And, tonight we'll make heart-shaped pizzas. We have a couple fun surprises, too. I like Valentine's day because it is a time where we can remember that we're supposed to show love to one another.
I also love it because it can be romantic. It brings out the special feelings I have for my wonderful wife. She truly is amazing and makes me a better person.

Yesterday I was IM'ing Amy about her talk. Maybe gearing up for Valentine's but I really got hit hard as I thought of this:

(regarding her talk):
It was really good.
and inspired. and inspiring.
just like you

Amy saysit was Heavenly Father's talk, I just delivered it

Jeff Allen saysyes
that's why I married you
cuz I knew you were Heavenly Father's girl

Amy saysaw, I like that

Jeff Allen saysyou're pretty special.

Happy Valentine's Day!


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