Born to Run and Send us to DisneyWorld!

I just started reading Born to Run by Christopher McDougall. It's a great book so far. I've been running for a couple years doing a Ragnar Relay with my wife and some friends, a couple half-marathons, and a full marathon last summer. I really have found fun and joy in running! This book has kept that fire burning and is giving me an idea of what is possible with the right experience, food, etc. I've loved reading about the Tarahumara people as well as the other crazy adventures. You just feel like you accomplish something while running. It's great!

Also, as a family we just made a goal to go to DisneyWorld. We are going to have a thermometer that we'll color in as we go. If you'd like to donate to our DisneyWorld trip you can paypal me the money at :-).

We figure it will take about $8,000 dollars for flight, hotel, and park tickets for our family of 8.

I am excited to go and know that if we focus on this we will achieve it. My 8 year old sold her stuffed animals to friends the day after we discussed saving for the trip and was going to sell her books, too.



  1. I'll donate at home, I don't know how to use pay pal. :)


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