Start the Journey

From the time I was a young boy I dreamed of being an Astronaut! Who didn't? I was born just a couple of years after the last moon landing and lived to see many shuttle takeoffs and returns. I would stare off into the sky and wonder what it would be like to to into space; I still do. I loved movies about outer space. Especially how the rockets worked or the technology behind it and the science and physics. It's so awesome to wrap your brain around. I thought about what it would take to go work with NASA, to go to school at MIT. I'm an Engineer at heart. I always want to know how a thing works and love taking things apart to find out and then proving I can put it back together. Well through the college years I got confused and sidetracked on that goal of getting to space. I ran after art, business, marketing, and the internet. I lost focus on the whole space race goal. What's the responsible thing that will give me the most money? then it was, "What do I enjoy the most?"I've always been a builder and a connector. I love Legos and still have my own set although I let my kids play with them now.  I was guided into management information systems and development. Then guided to return for an MBA. Post MBA my jobs where I've thrived have been a great mixtrure of technical and business strategy and analytics. I love when there are all of those pieces. Guidance form the spirit has steered me to the place where I am today in a positition where I have so much freedom to learn and grow and develop new ideas and programs and work with phenomenal people. So I came to this desire to go to the moon and need a goal that over arches. I'm adjusting things for myself. What am I? What do I want to do for the next 30 years? 

Let's go to the MOON!

This is my journey to the moon. So, what are some plausible and possible, and probable ways I can get to the Moon? Let's explore that together.
  • First step is to break the goal into steps
  • Look at the potential paths
  • Visualize what each path may look like.
tomorrow I'm going to try to break this into steps


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