Searching for the Prize

A few years ago I went through a few sessions with a life coach. It was very eye-opening and helpful for me. I was unclear and confused about where I should go and what I should be doing. It was also very reflective. The Coach, my friend Stephanie McBride, helped me to see where I came from, what my strengths were and have a clearer picture of what I was after. One of the great things that I've held onto since then is to make and keep a treasure map of where I'm going in life. Having a visual map with an X to mark the spot showing you've arrived gives vision and direction in the smaller steps that I take. My treasure map is leading me to a point where I will create and own a Million dollar retail business. My actions that I will take to get there will be the stepping stones. Things I need to learn, things I need to do, and what I need to become.
Things I learned about myself. I am a builder. I love disecting a system or a machine and figuring out how it works and how to fix it. I have done that as a kid with legos. then as an adult with software engineering and architecture. Currently I work in email marketing and I love to see how systems can integrate and marketing programs can be built to grow business. The key is to keep trying, keep doing, and I think one thing I was too heavy on the doing part of it and not on the believing it would produce income. I am turning that corner now. I want to achieve and want to build something bigger!
Make it happen. 1 hour a day. outside of normal work time to accomplish the beginning. Then sky's the limit!

-The President of the Moon


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