Saturday Activities

Today was a day to get things done. I put the lights on the house for Christmas. 4 of the kids helped out one at a time. They used the staple gun, twisted in new lightbulbs, climbed the ladder (the highlight), and helped string the lights. It was a lot of fun, even though it was very cold.

Second was to clean the garage. I've been putting that off for weeks (read months). My garbage is filled up now, and the recycle bin is also full. 11 bicycles are nicely put back, my shop/tools area still needs to be "organized" but that's fine for now. Our "Big Van" can now be parked inside for the winter.

With all the shelves and organizer stuff that I took from the garage, I then went and organized my bedroom closet. Sometimes you just have to ignore the day-to-day stuff in order to actually get the big foundational things done. So, unfortunately the rest of the place looks like not that great. But at least the garage is clear. Ideally I'd be able to park both cars in there, I mean, it is a 3 car garage, but with 11 bikes, a treadmill, shop/DIY tools, shelving, Lawnmower, etc. there isn't room for a 2nd car much less a 3rd.

One day. I need my garbage to be taken away before I can throw more away.

Then maybe I can use those tools or do a project that I have been wanting to do.

-President of the Moon.


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