Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Right Stuff

I just finished watching The Right Stuff on's Streaming service. It was a great movie. I know that they must have Hollywoodified the actual events and all that and added things or took stuff out from what really happened. But, it was no doubt still quite inspiring. I kept imagining being in the place of the first man in space or the first person to orbit the earth. The beauty that you would see from beyond the Earth's atmosphere. Stars would be so crisp like this person's blog shows: Night Sky over Church of the Good Shephard. imagine even crisper and more stars than when I would sit out in the desert or in the mountains on a clear summer night. The stars multiplied then. What would it be like to see outer space first hand? I dream of that day!

The first astronauts were so brave and courageous as well. They watched as rocket after rocket exploded at lift off or malfunctioned and fell back to Earth or were flawed in so many other ways. And then, they still had the stuff to climb inside the capsule and get launched into space.

I really enjoyed that they wanted to prove they were pilots and act and be treated like pilots. There have been many stories that I've read where they pilots really were needed on these flights. Things would go wrong and the man in the space craft would be required to pilot the craft. making adjustments the computer seemed incapable of making.

At the time they had a purpose to try to beat the Russians and establish American dominance in space and science and technology. It seems the competition is what drove us if the desire to push man past his limits wasn't enough of a goal.

As they said in Alice in Wonderland, "Somedays I think 6 impossible things before breakfast". Our "impossibilities" become tomorrows norms if we believe it and create it. I've been researching more on SpaceX/careers and love receiving when they have new jobs posted. I wonder if anything they do could translate into my email marketing knowledge or technical project management. Time to do a little more research and read more of their job requirements.

Keep your focus and believe you can accomplish it and things will happen. Miracles happen in life when you believe they can happen.

-President of the Moon

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