re-wiring my brain

So, as we grow up we learn things and it forms who we are. We see things through our own lens and that lens is influenced by family, by circumstances, by personality and how folks react to our actions. We are shaped and molded to think certain ways, to behave or not behave based on these perceptions and lenses and based on the attention we receive from it (positive or negative).

As we get older we think that how we think or act is set in stone oftentimes. that we can't change who we are or where we came from. But, that is not true. We can as sentient beings look inwardly and re-wire our brains. If I heard all growing up that I can't spell then that becomes a fast truth to me and then I never improve my spelling or even if I were to spell correctly most of the time, I would focus on the times I didn't. So in Neurolinguistic programming, or re-programming our own mind, we tell ourselves that we can spell. If you tell yourself that enough, your brain and life follows the pattern and changes the pattern of non-spelling with a pattern of spelling. So, then we start thinking of parts of life that have a bigger impact on where we are in the world and where we are going.

Do I have a pattern for being happy? I really do. I am a happy person. Good things happen to me. I often have had things that I really wanted to happen actually occur. I expected them to, because I wanted them to happen. I always wanted to serve my mission in South America, so I studied Spanish in high school and did everything I could to show that I should go there. When I got my call, it was to Brazil, the biggest country in South America. I didn't speak Spanish there, but Portuguese sure was easier having studied Spanish first.

So, much of what I want I have. I have a wonderful, beautiful wife who loves me and our children. I have wonderful kids that are so smart and great to be around. The are fun and fun-loving and make me so proud. The blessings are so numerous!

So, I feel like the last thing that I need to figure out is money. That was a strong pattern that I have etched in my mind. What I saw my parents do, what I did as a kid growing up to try and break out of the pattern. And, then coordinating my money issues with my wife's money issues. It's been the final crazy hurdle or leftover pattern that is being changed. So, instead of continuing to tell myself the same "you can't spell" info about money. I am choosing to change how I interact with money and how I manage the money I have. Repeat with me if you're looking to change how you deal with money. visualize sanding down the wooden block that has your money pattern etched into it. Then visualize yourself starting with a clean slate. You are the master of your money patterns. You can create the way you choose to think about money.

Money flows easily to me.
I always have enough money.
I am thankful for the bounty that I am blessed with.
I use money to experience things in life and share those experiences with my children and those around me.
I use money to help the lives of people in need.
I use money to build my life, and the lives of my children.
I use money to build the future generations.
I am changing the future by allowing abundance to flow into my life.

I am truly blessed.

-President of the Moon.

P.S. Only a few days until they announce the people will compete for the Space Needle trip to Space contest.


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