Life is good

It's almost Thanksgiving. I am thankful for my wonderful Wife, my beautiful children, the Spirit that guides me in my life. I'm thankful for good parents who love me. I'm thankful for inspired words in scriptures and other good books. I'm thankful for my home and for a good job where I get to work with great people and do things I enjoy. I'm thankful for ways to grow and improve myself and my situation. I'm thankful for inspiration of what I should do and when and how. I'm thankful for a loving God who knows me and loves me as an individual and as one of His children. I like to laugh and sing and play. I like to live.

Live each day to the fullest as there is much to be grateful for! And, there is so much to experience in this life!

What are some things that you would like to accomplish in the next 6 months? How about the next year? Next 5 years?

6 months: 1. Take each of my kids out for a special event by themselves. 2. Give back to my wife time and energy and something just for her as she's given so much of herself for the last several years. 3. Test each of my parts for a Self Sustaining Car Prototype. 4. Take time out to appreciate life once a week

1 Year: Document my expertise in my job in some kind of how to guide. Create a repository of information that I can use in my job. Build a business that brings in $2,000 a month in addition to my current job.

5 years: Build a million dollar a year business that I can run exclusively.

That's a start. I need some more time to think...

-President of the Moon


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