Denial, Resentment, Understanding

So, the first stage is Denial. I did win I am the president, Yahoo! Well, so I wasn't chosen to be one of the 1,000 contestants in the space needle contest. I didn't win any of the prizes so far. I'm still anxiously watching to see who will win.

I will still go into space one day, it just means it may not be free. I will have to save up my $120,000 to buy my own trip into space. I think it's for the best. I really want to go to space, but I want to earn it! When I get my astronaut suit on and sit on top of 1,000s of pounds of rocket fuel, I want to know I worked to get there! I'm excited for that time.

Life is beautiful! I have been off work for a couple days now with the Christmas holiday and really enjoyed being with my wife and children. I am so in love with all of them. They bring me so much happiness and joy. On Christmas night, my 5 year old came to my wife and I with $0.60 and gave it to us. He said, "This is so you can buy more presents for next Sunday." It was sweet.

I'm re-reading Secrets of the Millionaire Mind right now by T. Harv Ecker. I'll be going to his 3 day Millionaire Mind Intensive in March. I can't wait! I'm really excited and anxious to see what I can learn and put into practice to change things in my financial life. Stay tuned.

-President of the Moon.


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