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Time to fly

Ok, so it's been a while and probably no one reads this or will see this. But, I'm going to use it as my journal. I've been creating the idea in my head for a while of building I am going to push for this year to make it happen. I am committing to 5 hours a week of building it.

So, what kind of a shoe site could be valuable? 1. Add value by brining up the best / low-cost place for people to buy each type of shoe. Amy bought some shoes last year that were $100 and if she had looked around she could have saved more than $20 dollars for the same exact shoe online with the same shipping (FREE) .

So, I am building it out. I am mapping out my plan. I have 1 year and a half to get things rolling.

Also at this time I'm investing in stocks and options to grow my Nest egg and income. The options plays I have done the most are with MSFT, NFLX, FB, and AAPL. They fluctuate and adjust with big swings. So it's good for options. Although the options cost a bit to …

Finish lines

Where do I go from here? I am wondering and watching and waiting. I have ideas that stick in my brain about what could be or should be or might be. How do they become a reality? Do not focus on the obstacles. Focus on the end goal so that you don't notice the obstacles.

When you are in a race do you look at each hurdle and think how can I get over that next hurdle? Or do you look forward to the finish line and let your knowledge and practice get you over each hurdle without stopping and thinking about it?

So, what is the finish line? Or are there arbitrary finish lines to keep moving? I have had many finish lines, but currently don't have one which is why I feel like I'm floating.

So, I need to find a finish line, and stick it!

-from the desk of the President of the

7 Reasons Why I Love Halloween

7 Reasons Why I Love Halloween 1. Dressing up in costumes -- There is something so fun and exciting about dressing up and pretending you are something  or someone else. Sometimes it is something you wish you could be in real life like a super hero; other times you dress up as things that you are scared of like a zombie or vampire. Sometimes you dress up as fantasy characters that could never exist in real life. No matter what it's a little bit of an escape from the normal day to day. Mild-mannered reporter Clark Kent becomes Superman. Mild-mannered Jeff Allen becomes Wolverine from the X-Men. 
My favorite halloween event occured in Issaquah when I was waiting at the Park & Ride to take the bus into Seattle. This was also the first year out of college for me and I found out that most people don't dress up for Halloween when they go to work. I arrived in my little commuter car, parked, and made my way to queue up for the #214 bus. I had on my black jacket with a silver X on …


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